You can contact Claire O’Loughlin directly via phone/email to discuss any concerns, for general tips and advice or for further information about our services.



The assessment session takes approximately one hour and it is recommended that at least one caregiver attend for this appointment with your child/spouse etc. Initially, Claire will go through a standard case history form to gather background information regarding your concerns. It is useful to bring with you any relevant reports/letters that you have received in the past. Claire will then conduct a formal/informal assessment to establish the nature and severity of the individual’s difficulties. Following the assessment, Claire will provide feedback to you regarding the assessment and her initial observations. Claire will also discuss with you the potential need for speech and language therapy intervention and appropriate management plan (eg. priorities/goals for therapy, frequency and duration of sessions and so on). You will also be provided with some general information and advice regarding the nature of your concerns/difficulties.



Generally child, teenager and adult therapy sessions last thirty-minutes or one hour. Individuals may attend appointments on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis depending on their schedule and other commitments. The frequency of sessions may also vary, for instance, individuals often attend for an initial block of weekly sessions and gradually reduce the frequency of therapy whilst their progress is monitored and reviewed. Individuals are not required to commit to attending a block of appointments or pay in advance. Instead, we tend to book one appointment and schedule the subsequent appointment for a time which is most convenient and beneficial for the individual. At each session, you will be provided with exercises and guidelines for homework activities with additional copies for school/care staff, as required.